3D Resources

Jordan Brandt: Employee at Autodesk

– Helped produce the fastest production motorcycle and it’s electric.

-At Pier 9 in SFO (machine shop for AutoDesk)

-Came up with an Autodesk 3D printer as an experiment for “Spark”.

-Has an investment fund for start-ups.

-3D printed clothes made by: Nervous system

– Recommended book: A whole new Engineer” written by David E. Goldberg. Becoming the new style of engineer from many different disciplines and backgrounds.

Maker Fair: A Place where people bring projects together.

– Maker movement: a group of guys who when they need something that does not exist… they make it.

Makerspace Located in SLC: Tools, forums, get togethers. A facility that you can sign up to use their machine shop.

Spyder 3D world: Support group for 3D companies.

Leslie Oliver Karpas: Metamason.com lokarpas@metamason.com 415-694-8699 very sharp guy.






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