Space Cases

Space Cases
Modular, mobile, connectable, mission ready storage.

Full sized space case: 29″ tall X 4′ long X 2′ wide
Longitudinal half case: 29″ tall X 4′ long X 1′ wide
Horizontal half case: 14.5″ tall X 4′ long X 2′ wide
Lateral half case: 29″ tall X 2′ long X 2′ wide

Born from shipping containers, and line replaceable units (LRU’s). Space cases give you the elegance of cabinets, and the functionality of a NAVY Litoral fighting ship. Each Space Case is built with a purpose, or mission, in mind. If you need to tile a floor, there will be a Space Case with all your tiling tools in one place on the job.

Produce lines:

Adventure line: Built to withstand the elements and go anywhere, these Adventure Space Cases are light weight and tough.

The everyday line: Built to fit in seamlessly with your cabinets but with the mobility of a Space Case.



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