Safe Clothes

Safe Clothing:

Protect against: Clothing that will protect you from singeing fire, knife cuts or  punctures, mild scrapping from falling off a bicycle, and moderate trauma from punches.

Coverage area: covers from the knee to the elbow and neck.

Discrete: Safe clothing will be designed to avoid being noticed. It can be worn under clothes or as the outer layer without being noticeably different from normal clothing.

Harness: Safe clothing has an integrated harness which allows the user to quickly attach himself to climbing equipment, etc.

Active wear: Safe clothing is designed to be breathable and usable in everyday wear without being cumbersome (tight fitting and stretchable) or detectable.

Suggested engineering: 
– Kevlar patches where cuts are most likely to occur, or Kevlar threat integrated into and Under Armor style fabric.
– Flame resistant fabric (preferably stretchy)
– Integrated webbing for the harness around the belt and thighs.
– Where effective, yet none obtrusive, small plastic plates that would help to dissipate the energy from a punch.

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