3D Printing

Sales Rep: Michael Moussa: 214-727-0486

Who is currently doing 3D printing?: Biggest Utah player: Part Snap: has a connection with the University and gets all their jobs.

The biggest users of 3D printing are: Aerospace, medical, and automotive industries.

How much are they charging?:

What equipment are they using?:


Uses a heated material.
Generally a harder plastic.


    Uses Resin epoxy type material.
    Cured by UV light.
    More expensive parts.
    Better detail.

6 Month Plan: Start up to systematically earning money

(1-2-3 steps of what we need to know and do in 6 months)

    1. Know the business:

– What are the best printers? Stratasys
– How do we run them? Local college kid
– Who are our clients?
– Where can we get a website merchant website that will give price quotes to clients?

    2. Raise money

– Buy used machines on ebay?
– Kickstarter campaign?

    3. Know the market

– How are we getting customers?

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