These are words of wisdom from my martial arts coach today. He said that the world gets this wrong much of the time and they change it to have, be, do. The example he gave was of a man saying “well, if I had lots of money I would…” So if he “had” then he would “be” and “do.”

In order for us to become who we want and achieve what we want, we must “be” that person starting today, “doing” the things that person would do. Then we will “have” what it is we are trying to achieve.

For me, in my professional life – Along with being a safe and effective pilot. I want to be the most successful on-line entrepreneur I can be, specializing in┬áreal estate business, Drones ,and drone production. I realize that I must define what success looks like in each of the areas that I have these strong convictions. Then I need to start “being” that person by “doing” the necessary steps to become that person who “has” the blessings of that of the laws on which the blessings are predicated.

I need to envision success and have no doubts, like entering a fight I must know I am going to win!

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